Good Feng Shui Living Room Colors

Creating a balanced energy and fun and friendly, by applying the principles of Feng Shui Living Room. Color plays an important role in feng shui and design can help create a fun and energetic, relaxing and soothing, or creative and inspiring. Bring color to your room with paint, fabric and accessories to create a space that suits your personality and needs. Try to keep a balance in your Feng Shui Living Room Colors by combining both color and materials to create a space that combines hot and cold energy from the fire, ground water, and wood.

Cool colors
Shadow or black, blue and gray associated with hydropower. The colors are soothing, calming and encouraging reflection. Shades of blue not only relax, but also encourage adventure and exploration, as both the sky and the blue sea. The black is associated with money and income, so it may be more suitable for office reception room. Use color to balance the more energetic water or on their own to create a quiet space suitable for quiet time and activities. Connected to wood energy, green is ideal for space support healing, creativity or revitalization. Bring green accents in any room with live plants to add fresh color and space on the ground floor.

Warm colors
Shades of Red or evoke fire energy in the room. A predominantly red room will be alive and full of energy, keeping you guessing. Appetite, heart rate and breathing are all in the room to increase the red. Earth energy is represented by the color yellow, ranging from lighter shades of the most daring. Yellow is ideal for meetings, bringing joy and conversation in your room. Too much yellow can cause anxiety, according to Jayne Pelosi Renaissance Interior Design.

Mixed Colors
or Mixed color has its own meaning in feng shui. These colors can be an ideal choice if you’re looking for a dominant color for your living room. Salmon tones to create a warm and conversational. You will feel comfortable, combining the fire and energy of the earth. Shades of turquoise blend watery blue and earthy, to create enough space to move around. Lavender creates calm and spiritual, but do not encourage the activity or conversation.

Gallery of Good Feng Shui Living Room Colors

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